The Establishment of Amazon International

Mr. Edmond Lai has been in Thailand for more than three decades.  When he first came to Thailand, he fell in love with fishing. He used to visit the Gulf of Thailand; where every time he set sail, he always return with a ship full of fishes. After he retired from the Computer industry around 2010, he went back to his fishing hobbies again. Compared to how it once was, the gain around this time wasn’t as good as before. Drastic changes in climatic conditions throughout these years caused by Global Warming has caused damage to the marine ecology. After speaking to friends, he learned that the rate for renting lands close by the Makloeng Mahachai beach is acceptable. Hence he started his aquaculture company, Amazon International.

The company’s philosophy is not to use any chemical medicines, and illegal medication. If the fishes were fed with chemical contained ingredients, not only would it damage the ecosystem, but the chemicals that remained in the fishes would also endanger human health. Eating healthy is very important; our company is with high integrity.

It has been 6 years since Amazon fish farm started operating. Throughout the years, the company has tried different feeds, which led to different results. Through a contact, the company got in touch with Uni-President; the leading company in the food industry in Taiwan. Their products not only includes product for humans, but also for animals and fishes. Through actual use, the company discovered that the feed products produced by Uni-President is more effective than other feeds ever used. Not only the feeds’ conversion rate (FCR) is lower; which decreased the overall expense for the farm, but fishes also grows faster and healthier. Since then the company has also been promoting the feed by Uni-President to locals.

By promoting the feed products by Uni-President, local fisherman can lower their expenses, raise their fishes better, and make more money. We hope to help improve the locals’ living standard, so they can focus on producing healthier fishes; we also help locals find sales channel to sell their fishes. With expense lowered, sales channel problem solved, and producing healthier fishes, the locals can breed more fish and increase their income to support their family. This is definitely a win-win.

For the future, we hope that we can slowly integrate the business. We hope that we can produce a stable amount of fries (baby fishes) for customers, that our feeds are widely know; we could even give out breeding support. We also aim to use more energy saving oxygenation equipments so it’ll be more eco-friendly and the fishes can grow healthier. We are also aiming to start our own food processing business, forming more possibilities for the fishes we breed.

Changing a career path is never easy, but the company has learned and grown from mistakes. It is our motto to never stop learning, and we are ready to face the challenges that is coming upon us.